Clay High School Band Boosters Fundraiser

Bay Area Credit Union is committed to supporting local and neighboring HIGH SCHOOLS. We want to help keep activity costs affordable so all high school students can participate in healthy school related activities. One way we do this is by hosting our BAY AREA CREDIT UNION FUND-RAISING BOOSTER PROGRAM. The BAY AREA CREDIT UNION BOOSTER PROGRAM is a fund-raiser for community high school’s BOOSTER CLUBS.

We will pay¬†$100.00 per Consumer Loan and $250.00 per Real Estate Loan.** Bay Area Credit Union will disburse all funds to the BOOSTER GROUP two times throughout the school year***. In the end, your BOOSTER GROUP supporters could raise up to $5000.00 for your organization.Booster Supporters can then show the flyer’s in print or on their mobile devices when closing on a loan at Bay Area Credit Union to get credit for CLAY HS BAND BOOSTERS!!!