2022 Grads We Have Up To $150 For You

Be bold, be courageous, be your best.

We are offering up to $150.00 to recent 2022 graduates (high school or college.) To receive $100.00, graduates must

  1. Open a checking/debit card account
  2. Enroll in estatements
  3. Apply for a VISA credit card

To receive an extra $25.00 the graduate must let us pay them (a total of $125.00) with P2P payment.

We will also offer additional $25.00 for any valid grad special referrals.

*The $100 for the GRAD SPECIAL will be deposited to your saving account once qualified & will be taxable income (1099). Early closing fee will apply. Other fees may apply. VISA ELIGIBILITY: A valid driver’s license, current pay stub & 2 personal references. VISA approval is based on credit score. One time use only per ss#. Those approved for the GRAD SPECIAL and are awaiting their $100.00 payment will be given an additional $25.00 if they agree to receive the whole payment ($125.00) via P2P Person to Person through their Bay Area Credit Union mobile app. An addition $25.00 for valid GRAD SPECIAL referrals that state your name at account opening. HURRY THIS ENDS 8/31/2022