WINNER #1“I would like to nominate Maliesha Gillespie. I think it has been about a year ago since she got her license to be a pastor and she volunteers, and work sat Family House homeless shelter. And she has followed some of the families out of there. Meaning that when they get a home, she is helped them collect clothes and furniture and furnishings for their home. And she has went to their house, she has visited with some as many times. She is also with an organization called Co Mission And she helps take food to sites where they give away food. They give food out at Oakdale Park. And she also delivers food to people that do not have transportation to come get it.” – Nominated by Connie Coutcher Webster

Community hero Maliesha collecting her $100 cash prize at Bay Area Credit Union.
Maliesha Gillespie

WINNER #2“I would like to nominate Miranda Casey. She is a hard-working compassionate ICU nurse at Bay Park hospital. She has been there 11 years and just like all nurses these last months have been very hard emotionally. She is also a mom wife and teen leader at her church. – nominated by Diane Marie.

Community hero Miranda collecting her $100 cash prize at Bay Area Credit Union.
Miranda Casey